On the Road to New Technologies

For 43 years the FOCUS conference has provided a forum to discuss the most pressing issues affecting the coatings industry. From developing technologies to optimized productivity to emerging test methods, FOCUS has been the forum to share ideas and grow networks. As technologies continue to evolve and improve, so does FOCUS.

Now at the historic Inn at St. John’s, FOCUS 2019 will continue to highlight coatings and factory improvements with respect to applying today’s latest coating technologies to automotive bodies and add-on parts. Come see what new Paint Shop methodologies are coming!

Autonomous Vehicles are on the horizon. New protocols are being created, interactions are being studied and characterizations being made to bridge to a connected, autonomous, safe, electrified future. The coatings industry has to be part of the discussion as innovative coating solutions are needed to overcome the limitations of these developing technologies.

The industry is also continuing to investigate new styling and color spaces by expanding its pigment and dispersion portfolio. How are these solutions being brought to market? 2019 FOCUS Conference panelists will explore all the options.

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The Detroit Society for Coatings Technology

    Conference committee

  • John Boisseau, Eastman
  • Matt Boland, Axalta Coatings (Vice Chairperson)
  • Chuck Cameron, retired
  • Scott Clifford, FANUC America
  • Bernadette Colonna, Covestro
  • Vernon Comeaux, FCA
  • David Cranfill, BASF (Chairperson)
  • Paul Deskovitz, Covestro
  • Jon Lawniczak, Eckart
  • Vijay Mannari, Eastern Michigan University (President)
  • Lorrie McQuiston, PPG
  • Jim Pakkala, Dürr Systems, Inc.
  • Rudy Pomper, General Motors
  • Carrie Semrau, Axalta Coatings (Secretary)
  • Keith Stricker, Maroon Inc. (Treasurer)
  • Jeff Tish, Anderson Development
  • Jake Welland, Axalta Coatings
  • Don White, BASF
  • Marcy Zimmer, Ford

    Resource team

  • Tim December, BASF
  • Stephanie Egan, Specialty Chemical Sales
  • Todd Fitz, Honda
  • Vince Goldman, BASF
  • Greg Liedtke, Palmer-Holland
  • Tracey Moorer, FCA
  • Mike Mulligan, PPG
  • Mark Nichols, Ford
  • Cynthia Templeman, Toyota