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Don Campbell

BASF Corporation

Low Temperature Curing Top-coat System


Low temperature curing topcoat systems are being introduced at several OEMs. In addition to the energy savings that these provide compared to conventional high bake topcoats, this process is often chosen in order to facilitate the co-processing of plastic components that would otherwise be top-coated on a separate line from the main body. This talk will describe one of several solutions that BASF can provide for low bake topcoats. This system uses pre- baked primer(s), water-basecoat and a 2K clearcoat and cures at 90–100 °C. We will describe the appearance, physical test performance and process requirements associated with this solution.


Don graduated from Wayne State University with BS degrees in Chemistry and Biophysics in 1984. Since then he has worked at BASF Coatings in product development, resin development, customer service, clearcoat service and Intellectual property manager. He is currently the manager for NA Coatings R&D.