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Eileen Weber

Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co., Inc.

Innovative Coatings for the Next Generation Vehicle


Complex performance issues like scratch resistance, chemical resistance and improved aesthetics have continually pushed the evolution of coatings for both interior and exterior automotive applications. This has paved the way to introduce innovative coating technologies, such as UV curable and Dual Cure systems, to address these performance demands while also addressing newer concerns like micro scratching and visible fingerprints. Not only can they achieve these new performance expectations, but they also offer a wide array of other advantages such as shorter process times, less work-in-process and lower energy costs.


Eileen Weber is Product Manager, Section 1 in the Product and Technology Group of Red Spot Paint and Varnish Co., Inc. Eileen began her career at Red Spot as a chemist followed by the role of UV Research Manager for 5 years. In her current role as Product Manager, Section 1 she has product line responsibility globally for UV curable products, exterior thermal products, primers and adhesion promoters. Eileen’s formal education includes Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from University of Southern Indiana and Master in Business Administration from University of Evansville. Eileen is a member of SAE and also a member of RadTech North America, where she serves currently as President.